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    Hello, my name is Ashley Swanger. I am a photographer in the Cincinnati area. While I mainly shoot sports photography, I also do families, seniors, weddings, reunions, and just about everything else!

    I started photography as a hobby when my boys were much younger. Since then, I have studied everything I can pertaining to photography. I have attended workshops of some of the best in the business including Denis Reggie, Joe Buissink, and Jasmine Star.

    I know it sounds cliche, but I am so thankful to be doing something I truly love. I have a degree in Political Science (why...I'm not sure) and a license in massage therapy, but it wasn't until I started seriously studying photography that I became certain that this was what I wanted as a career.

    I'd like to thank my husband and my two boys for putting up with my endless hours on the computer as I try and learn all that I can. And I'd also like to thank my mom who has helped me in every way imaginable in ALL my career choices :)

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Smyntek Wedding 9.6.14

Katie and Dan,

WOW!  Where to begin???  You guys are so in love it’s hard for anyone not to smile when they are around you.  You both light up when you’re together, and I found myself smiling just editing your pictures.  You guys and your family have become such great friends, and Britt and I were honored to be asked to photograph your wedding.    I hope you love your pictures!!!  We both want to wish you a lifetime of the happiness you have right now :)

Jessee Wedding 11.1.13

Jason and Jeanette, 

     I am so happy that we were able to connect, and Britt and I were able to make it to Indianapolis to shoot your wedding.  We loved getting to know the both of you and your friends and family.  Your day was absolutely magical, and we are both glad that we could be a part of it.  Thank you! 

 Hope you enjoy your slideshow :) 

Roettele Wedding

Brad and Jessica…you two are awesome!  Britt and I had such a blast shooting your wedding.  Despite the rain, a sprained ankle, and many other mishaps, these two smiled through the whole day.  And Jessica rocked those shoes even with a swollen ankle.  I’m still not sure how she did it!  Thank you for asking us to capture these memories for you.  We loved getting to know the both of you and all of your wild and crazy friends.  It feels like we have known each other for years :)  We look forward to the continued friendship with you, and wish you the absolute best!

Roetting Wedding-St.Ignatius of Loyola

 Jeremy and Kristina,

Your wedding was stunning…just as you two are as a couple!  It was fantastic getting to know the both of you, and we felt privileged to be asked to share and capture your most amazing day.  Thank you!   Britt and I wish you nothing but the best, and all the love and happiness that you both deserve in the future.  

Click below for a slideshow of more pictures from Jeremy and Kristina’s gorgeous wedding day!

Jeremy and Kristina-Engagement

Meet Jeremy and Kristina.  They are getting married in April, and I am absolutely thrilled to be shooting their wedding!  We decided to take their engagement photos at Sharon Woods, and it turned out to be a gorgeous day.  Lucky for us, the remnants of Hurricane Sandy blew out just in time. 

Jeremy and Kristina, met on a blind date about five years ago.  Spending time with them, you feel the connection they have and sense the comfort they feel with each other.  They were great sports…up for anything…even when Britt asked for some compromising positions in the park ;) 

Oh yeah, did I mention they are a stunning couple???

Click below to see a slideshow of all their images. 

Conley Wedding-Oasis

Britt and I had the honor of shooting Brian and Rose’s wedding at the Oasis in Loveland.  Although it was a cold, rainy day, the wedding was absolutely beautiful!  Brian and Rose are, honestly, two of the nicest people I know.  Britt and I consider ourselves lucky to have been there to capture their wedding day.  Thanks to both of you, and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness :)

Below is a slideshow of their amazing day!

Jenna-Senior Sharon Woods

Meet Jenna.  She is as sweet as she is beautiful, and that is saying A LOT!  We did her senior pictures at Sharon Woods, and the fall leaves are in full color!    We had a blast with her sister, Chelsea, her best friend, Courtney and her mom, Jody.  With only boys at my house, it was refreshing to spend the day with girls!  And with senior boys it is usually get in, get out as quickly as possible!  But, with girls…it’s fix the hair, what should I wear for this background, and oh yeah…how is my lipgloss??? :)  I Loved it!!!  Thanks, Jenna, for asking me take your senior pictures.  Best of luck to you in college.